Your South Winnipeg Hockey Store

Not everyone who sharpens skates or works in a sports store is qualified to give you advice. Some have never even played the game.

Pro Connexion is a full-service hockey store. We sharpen skates, we sell equipment, and as hockey pros and certified techs, we understand the game and the science behind it. We know that being a better player is about more than working harder. Sometimes all you need is a change in your glide, a different flex or a better fit to improve your game. From Atom to NHL, we know what you need at every stage of your hockey career, and can help you find that winning edge – more control, more speed, more power and more confidence.

Amazing results start off ice with your Pro Connexion. Let us help you be the best player you can be!

  • Independent, personalized service
  • Maximum Edge┬« precision sharpening
  • Pro Equipment Cleaning
  • Custom equipment fitting for your specific needs
  • And more, at your South Winnipeg Hockey Store
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