PRO Cleaning

Our Pro Cleaning Service is an easy and affordable way to reduce the risk of dangerous bacteria and of course the stinky smell that is coming from your bag. All it takes is 16 minutes, and it can be done while you wait!

Sani-Sport Pro Cleaning Service

Regular equipment cleaning is an important part of injury prevention and sport health. Bacteria grows on your gear in the same way that it grows on your clothes.  Sweat, blood, and other gross stuff builds up over time, and if untreated it can become dangerous to your health and the health of other players around you.

MRSA (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) has become a dangerous and important issue in the sports world. Many NHL and NFL Players have been hospitalized due to bacteria from their equipment entering their bodies through a cut or abrasion – and now 90% of NHL teams use this Pro Cleaning system.  Why?  Simply put, it is the most effective technology regarding bacteria and virus reduction. This includes MRSA, general staph infections, E Coli, and a variety of influenza organisms.


  • With an interior capacity of 35 cubic feet, Sani Sport has THE LARGEST LOAD CAPACITY in the industry.
  • Accommodates two sets of hockey or football equipment.
  • Caster wheels provide easy mobility for the ozone cleaning machine.
  • Dimensions: 23″ deep X 45″ wide x 67″ high.
  • Clean hockey equipment, football equipment and other protective gear in just sixteen minutes!

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